AGPI Quarterly(ISSN 2474-8900)
Edited from Spring 2017 to present by David Beffa-Negrini

Note: There was no AGPC Quarterlypublication issued for Winter 2016

AGPC Quarterly(ISSN 1529-4706)
Edited from Fall 2007 to Fall 2016 by David Beffa-Negrini

(Note: There were no issues published as volume 8, numbers 3 and 4, and volume 9, numbers 1 and 2)

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Description of Contents


Summer 2019

Vol. 3, No. 2


Cover: Outstanding Achievement Award—John Ellerbe; President’s Message; Carol Monica (Williams); Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; 2019 AGPI Convention—Denver, CO (Thomen); Our First AGPI Convention (Mullholand); 2019 Mid-Atlantic Regional Announcement (Thomen); Treasure Hunt (Allen); And the Answer is… (Andrews); One of My Favorite Games (Gross); Great Finds!—Das Diplomaten Spiel (Horn); Something You Didn’t Know (Whitehill); The Strong National Museum of Play Features Display of Early Games (Ricketts); The Heartbreaking Costs of Civil War & Peace (Stewart-Patterson); The One That Got Away… (Seymour); The Bruce Quiz—Pat Pending: A Name-Game Puzzle (Whitehill); Members’ Ads

V3 N1

Spring 2019
Vol. 3, No. 1


Cover: 2019 AGPI Convention Destination: Denver; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2019 AGPI Convention Agenda—Denver, CO; Instruction with Delight, Liman Collection (Williams); A Journey into the World of Puzzles (Rocchi); Playable Collectible (Whitehill); The Royal Family: ‘s Konings-huis (Horn); The Ball Game: Het Dansspel (Horn); The Bruce Quiz—Letter Words (Whitehill); Book Review—Slantwise Moves (Ricketts); Members’ Ads


Winter 2018

Vol. 2, No. 4


Cover: Great Finds!—Magnetisch Vischvermaak and Angel-Spiel; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2019 AGPI Convention Agenda—Denver, CO; 2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional—A Good Time Mapped Out (Wolf); Essen Impressions Spiel 2018 (Heidema); 1904 Sherlock Holmes Games (Beffa-Negrini); Essen 2018, Treasures and Treats (B. Whitehill); Essen Spiel 2018 (S. Whitehill); Great Finds!—Gone Fishing (Horn); Ubud Bali Art Gallery (Hollis); The Bruce Quiz—Crossed-up Crossword (Whitehill); 2018 National Toy Hall of Fame Inductees; Members’ Ads


Fall 2018

Vol. 2, No. 3


Cover: Strong Support! Outstanding Achievement Award—Steve Dubnik; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; AGPI Convention First Timers! (Morse); 2018 AGPI Convention & Puzzle Parley (Thomen); This Doesn’t Look Good! An Escape From the Ordinary (Beffa-Negrini); Grenadiers Spel (Horn); 2019 Mid-Atlantic Regional Announcement; 2018 AGPI General Membership Meeting Minutes; Members’ Ads


Summer 2018

Vol. 2, No. 2


Cover: 1920 Philadelphia Folk Monopoly Game; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2018 AGPI Convention Agenda—Rochester, NY; Puzzle Cutters of Basel (Bekkering); 2018 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Announcement; De Waag—Rekenkundig Spel (Horn); 1920 The Philadelphia Folk Monopoly Game (Holcombe); 2017 AGPI General Membership Meeting Minutes; Het Beursspel—The Stock-Market Game (Horn); Members’ Ads


Spring 2018

Vol. 2, No. 1


Cover: The Power of Puzzles to Bring People Together; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2018 AGPI Convention Agenda—Rochester, NY; Sy Epstein Tribute (Tucker); The Joys of Jigsaw Puzzles (Weingartner); Book Review—Radiant with Color & Art: McLoughlin Brothers (Williams); The Power of Puzzles to Bring People Together (Boxerman); De Muizentoren—The Mouse Tower (Horn); Pictorial Pieces (Bekkering); Fax Shuffle Puzzle (Horn); Escape! (Whitehill); Photo Supplement to Counter Space: Book Game Books Part II: Bell, Book, and Can-Do (Saunders); Members’ Ads


Winter 2017

Vol. 1, No. 4


Cover: Essen Spiel 2017; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional—It was a Comical Night (Epstein); Essen Report 2017 (B. Whitehill); Essen: Record-breaking and Trendsetting (S. Whitehill); Myanmar Pastimes (Beffa-Negrini); Essen Impressions of Spiel ’17 (Horn); Counter Space: Book Game Books Part II: Bell, Book, and Can-Do (Saunders); Reversi (Polczynski); Members’ Ads


Fall 2017

Vol. 1, No. 3


Cover: Shopping Center Turning into a Board Game; President’s Message; Members’ Ads; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; Park and Shop—A Shopping Center Game (Epstein); Professor Frederik Schuh and His Game RATIO (Horn); Jeu du Congo (Polczynski); It was Always There—Grandpa’s Solitaire (Horn); The Cross Puzzler (Beffa-Negrini); Counter Space: Book Game Books Part I: The Cosmos (Saunders); 2000-Year Old Puzzle Padlock (Morgan); Jigthings Ad


Summer 2017

Vol. 1, No. 2


Cover: Browning-Barnard-Ottenberg Connection; Bradley-Parker Award Winner—Dave Wilson; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; Grace Olsen; Harm van Veen; 2017 AGPI Convention—Southbridge, MA (Thomen); Not Politically Correct (Epstein); Interlocking Pieces—Browning-Barnard-Ottenberg Connection (Williams); But Wait There’s More—Tangrams (Horn); Games of Reversal (Polczynski); Two Inventors Topple into One Another: Frank Thibault (Whitehill); 2017 AGPI General Membership Meeting Minutes; Counter Space: The Same Stone (Saunders); Members’ Ads


Spring 2017

Vol. 1, No. 1


Cover: The Secret Lives of Games; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Working Together (Beffa-Negrini); 2017 AGPI Convention Agenda—Southbridge, MA; 2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional—Not the Usual Politics (Epstein); What a Surprise! Pirate and Traveler (Epstein); The Development of the Tangram Family (Horn); Counter Space: The Secret Lives of Games (Saunders); Suffragetto (Horn); It’s All in the Cards, Part 3 (Ellerbe); Members’ Ads

Organization name and publication change from AGPC Quarterly to AGPI Quarterly


Fall 2016

Vol. 18, No. 3


Cover: Puzzle Parley 13; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; Games of TV Winner—Epstein; 2017 AGPI Convention Announcement—Southbridge, MA; Puzzle Parley 2016 (Shebell and Williams); Essen Impressions (Horn); Fair Game—Essen Report 2016 (Whitehill); Counter Space: From the Corner of Our Eye (Saunders); It’s All in the Cards, Part 2 (Ellerbe); Great Finds!—The Bombing (Horn); Pawns Take Center Stage (Whitehill); Electoral College Game (Brown); Altered Book of Games (Andrews); Plagiarism in the 19th Century?—Het Hazespel (Horn); All-Fair Games (Ricketts); Pirate and Traveler “Greatest of All Games” (Epstein); The MacMahon Cubes (Horn); Amazing (Horn); AGPC 9th Edition Game Catalog Ad; Members’ Ads


Summer 2016

Vol. 18, No. 2


Cover: 2016 Spilsbury Award Winner—Geert Bekkering; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; 2016 Puzzle Parley Announcement—Salem, MA (Farnham); 2016 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Announcement; 2016 AGPI Convention—Princeton, NJ (Thomen); Fuse (Whitehill); Schada: Het Wereld Spel (Horn); Handmade Monopolys (Horn); Games on TV Contest (Whitehill); Pollyanna: Second Generation (Epstein); It’s All in the Cards, Part 1 (Ellerbe); Counter Space: The Bad and the Ugly (Saunders); For a Limited Time Only! (Whitehill); Historical Games Pop Up Exhibit! (Beffa-Negrini); JAAP van der GAAG (Horn); The Story of MB “Shut the Box” (Horn); AGPC 9th Edition Game Catalog Ad; 2016 AGPC General Membership Meeting Minutes; Members’ Ads


Spring 2016

Vol. 18, No. 1


Cover: Go Ahead! Play with your Food!; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; 2016 AGPI Convention Agenda—Princeton, NJ; 2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional Announcement (Epstein); 2016 Puzzle Parley Announcement—Salem, MA (Farnham); The Royal Game of Goose (Seville); A Tribute to Erwin Glonnegger (Bekkering and Whitehill); Book Review—Die Welt im Spiel (Horn); Pollyanna, The Glad Game: First Generation (Epstein); Wasp Game (Horn); Long Tau (Horn); Go Ahead! Play with your Food (Whitehill); Bluffing Games (Ellerbe); Counter Space: Parcheesi Goes to Court: Part Two (Saunders); Open the Can, Man! (Whitehill); An Arithmetic Card Game for Brave Knights (Horn); The Pic-A-Stick Slogan Quiz Game (Whitehill); Fort Chitral (Horn); Aurora Plastics (Whitehill); Members’ Ads


Winter 2015

Vol. 17, No. 4


Cover: CATAN Game Sets World Record!; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; Harry Rinker Jigsaw Puzzle Auction (Leo); 2016 AGPI Convention Agenda—Princeton, NJ; 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Event (Epstein); Essen 2015 (Whitehill); CATAN Game Sets World Record! (Whitehill); Games of a Divided Germany (Whitehill); The End of the Old Family Game Companies (Whitehill); Twister (Whitehill); Counter Space: Parcheesi Goes to Court: Part One (Saunders); Are You Ready for Some Football? (Vercoe); Aviation/Flight Games (Ellerbe); Doing Business as… The Bored Son (Bordsen); Ideal Puzzles vs. K-Puzzle and Kolibri Puzzles (Bekkering); Things We Keep (Star); Members’ Ads


Fall 2015

Vol. 17, No. 3


Cover: The Puzzling World of John Sloan; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; 2015 AGPC General Membership Meeting Minutes; Travel Finds Puzzle Exchange (Wolf); Finding (Unexpected) Treasures in “Unexpected Places” Part III (Epstein); Have Fun & Love for You (Horn); Jigsaw Puzzle Contest (Beffa-Negrini); Trangalla (Horn); Great Finds! A Great Gift: Rood-Wit-Blauw (Horn); A Chess Village in Germany (Whitehill); Strange Things Happen! Four-person bicycle (Horn); 2015 World Monopoly Championship (Orbanes); Counter Space: Adding a Room (Saunders); Decoding the Puzzling World of John Sloan (Karasoulas and Coyle); Book Review—The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll(Morgan); There is a Lot More Ancient Than There is Modern (Ellerbe); Jigthings Ad; Members’ Ads


Summer 2015

Vol. 17, No. 2


Cover: Indiana Indeed! 2015 Sam Loyd Award Winner—Gary Foshee; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Corresponding Secretary Letters; My First AGPC Convention (Rhea); 2015 AGPC Convention—Bloomington, IN; R. Journet & Company, The Niagara Puzzle, and MI-9 (Rhoda); Dutch Game Tiles (Horn); The Great Escape (Epstein); More Animals than People (Ellerbe); Counter Space: Just Plain Old (Saunders); The Game of 1000 Faces, Part II (Whitehill); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q17.1

Spring 2015

Vol. 17, No. 1


Cover: Monopoly and other games’ War Effort; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2015 AGPC Convention Agenda; Volume Sprayer Manufacturing Co. (Alexander); Spelling a Cheap Surprise (Vercoe); Monopoly, Code Users, and POWs in World War II (Orbanes); The Genius Behind POW Escape Aids (Donlan); MI-9 Inspires MIS-X (Orbanes); The History of Waddingtons (Melling); Victor Watson: 1928-2015; Pressman Made Jigsaw Puzzles Too! (Williams); More Cover Stories (Epstein); The Game of 1000 Faces (Whitehill); Age of Reason (Ellerbe); Counter Space: Oldest Hats, Part II (Saunders); “Changing” the Rules (Whitehill); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q16.4

Winter 2014

Vol. 16, No. 4


Cover: The Mille Bornes Identity; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspond-ence; 2015 AGPC Convention Agenda; Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Halloween Monster Party (Epstein); Essen 2014 (Whitehill) Counter Space: Oldest Hats, Part I (Saunders); What Happened to Touring? (Whitehill); Doolhof-Spel (Horn); The Cult of the "New" (Ellerbe); Anacrostics Answers (Saunders); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q16.3

Fall 2014

Vol. 16, No. 3


Cover: Puzzle Parley XII Best of Show!; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; Puzzle Parley XII (Armstrong, Williams, Shebell); Counter Space: Anacrostics (Saunders); Great Finds! (Horn); Crocheting Connections Germane to the Game of Dr. Kane, Part III (Lapides); Members’ Ads; From TRIO to “3 Koningen” (Horn); We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us (Ellerbe); Pressman: Last of the Long-time Family Game Companies (Whitehill); Cover Stories (Epstein); 2015 Convention Update

AGPC Q16.2

Summer 2014

Vol. 16, No. 2


Cover: AGPC-Happy 30th Anniversary; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 30 Years! (Whitehill); My First AGPC Convention (Petry); 2014 AGPC Convention; Bradley-Parker Award Winners-Phil Orbanes & Ranny Barton; Crocheting Connections Germane to the Game of Dr. Kane, Part II (Lapides); General Member Meeting Minutes; Counter Space: Older Hats (Saunders); Finding Treasures in “Unexpected Places,” Part II (Epstein); Adventure Games (Ellerbe); Properly Packing Boxes (Bensch); Plugged Dice (Horn); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q16.1

Spring 2014

Vol. 16, No. 1


Cover: 7500 Strong-Anne Williams; President’s Message; An Unexpected Gift!: Election Game; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2014 AGPC Convention Update; Flour, Flowers, & Photography (Whitehill); Eventful: The Strong; Puzzle Parley XII Agenda; Curious Corey Games (Epstein); Crocheting Connections Germane to the Game of Dr. Kane (Lapides); IF-AGPC 30 years (Whitehill); Counter Space: Old Hat (Saunders); The Game of the Future: SALA (Horn); Some Games from the Dutch “Children’s Newspaper” (Horn); A Game By Any Other Name (Whitehill); Better Health Through Modern Gaming (Ellerbe); Origin of “het Slabberjan-Spel” (Horn); AGPC & Reality TV (Leo/Bloome); Members’ Ads

AGPC Q15.4

Winter 2013

Vol. 15, No. 4


Cover: Publishers of Games, Puzzles, and Books-Sowdon & Clark; President’s Message; Members’ Ads; Editor’s Note; 2014 AGPC Convention Update; Essen 2013 (Whitehall); The Circuitous Route of Uncle Wigglily (Whitehall); Edgar O. Clark & Sowdon Publishers of Games (Stone); Counter Space: Sailing to Lilliput, Part II (Saunders); War Games in Germany (Whitehill); Mid-Atlantic Chapter's Wild, Wild West Event (Epstein); Uzbekistan Souvenirs (Dechant); Abstract Strategy Games (Ellerbe)

AGPC Q15.3

Fall 2013

Vol. 15, No. 3


Cover: Dreamopoly; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2014 AGPC Convention Update; Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery (Engen); Finding Treasures in “Unexpected Places” (Epstein); Those Far-Away Places with Strange Sounding Names (Ellerbe); Long Tau (Horn); Author Meets Mr. Murphy (Horn); STRAAT: Unusual Unknown Game from Holland (Horn); Counter Space: Sailing to Lilliput (Saunders); A Museum in the Midst: Steinhude, Germany (Whitehall); An American “Dreamopoly” in a German Garden Show (Whitehill); Quotes, Seen on Screen, and Answers to 2013 AGPC Convention Crossword; Members’ Ads

AGPC Q 15.2

Summer 2013

Vol. 15, No. 2


Cover: Spilsbury Award—Armstrong; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2013 AGPC Convention; Crossword & Conundrum; Got to Go to Göttingen (Whitehill); Meet Dan Fox (Orbanes); Book Review—Monopoly, Money, and You (Williams); Those Far-Away Places
with Strange Sounding Names Games (Ellerbe); The KLM Tangram (Horn); Daan Hoeksema (Horn); Counter Space: Funnies You Should Ask (Saunders); AGPC Members Tour FBI Laboratory (Epstein); A Good Story (Rogers); Potential New Earliest American Board Game (Spear); American Games in Germany (S. Whitehill); A Visit to Harm van Veen (Horn);
Stave Game (Beffa-Negrini); A Night to Remember (Beffa-Negrini); General Meeting Notes; 2014 AGPC Convention

AGPC Q 15.1

Spring 2013

Vol. 15, No. 1


Cover: Savannah; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2013 AGPC Convention Agenda; Bagatelles & Brownies (Morgan); Crossword Challenge Winner; The Game (Horn); Book Reviews—Giochi Delle Montagne, Le Montagne per Gioco (1 & 2), Le Puzzle Français en Bois; The Toy and Game Inventor’s Handbook (Beffa-Negrini); Counter Space: Unfinished Business Part III: Games as Performance Pieces (Saunders); FOTO WORLD game (Epstein); Very Special People Games (Ellerbe); Email Correspondence

AGPC Q 14.4

Winter 2012

Vol. 14, No. 4


Cover: BGG.CON; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2013 AGPC Convention Agenda;
13th Annual Mid-Atlantic Chapter Event; 2012 BGG.CON; 2012 Essen; Counter Space: Unfinished Business Part II: Games as Rough Drafts (Saunders); Animal Kingdom Games (Ellerbe); Another Name Lost—Cadaco (Whitehill); Preservation of Sanity and the Collection of Games (Bordsen); Dove-Tail Puzzles of Moshé Zwarts (Horn); 4/5 De Nationale LegPuzzles (Horn); Computer Games Museum & Deutsches SPIELEmuseum—Germany (Whitehill); PuzzlingWorld—New Zealand (Beffa-Negrini)

AGPC Q 14.3

Fall 2012

Vol. 14, No. 3


Cover: 11th Puzzle Parley; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; New Membership Chair:
Debby Leo; Jeanne Strout obituary; 11th Puzzle Parley; Liberty Puzzles’ Challenge; 2012 Pagey Elliott Puzzle Exchange; My First Puzzle Parley (Sincher); To Innovate by Dee Rogers; It’s a Mystery—Ace of Aces game (Epstein); Counter Space: Unfinished Business Part I: Games as Model Kits (Saunders); Once a Game Collector (Krim); Draw Something  app drawings (Krim, Beffa-Negrini); Crossword Challenge; Quick Clicks news; Behind the Scenes: November Regional planning; 2013 Savannah convention


Summer 2012
Vol. 14, No. 2


Cover: Remembering the Smiles…Paul Fink; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Rally Dennis obituary; Paul Fink (1942-2012); 2012 AGPC Convention Wrap Up; Sam Loyd Award—Will Shortz; My Point of View (Krim); Counter Space: Connection Games (Saunders); Puzzles: A New Society Game (Bekkering); Games to Assist Non-native Speakers Learn the American Language (Bordsen); Early Hand-drawn Board Game; Horror Stories (Epstein); Anchor Puzzle Book Review (Williams); Members’ Ads; General Member Meeting Minutes


Spring 2012
Vol. 14, No. 1


Cover: Next Stop…Saratoga Springs (Map); President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2012 AGPC Convention Update; 11th Puzzle Parley Upcoming Event; Ellerbe’s “Awesome Games Produced (by) Cohorts”; Epstein’s “Our Radio Games’; Counter Space: Something Else to Collect: Books on Games, Part III—The Philosophy of Games; Members’ Ads

AGPC Q 13.4

Winter 2011
Vol. 13, No. 4


Cover: Quintessential Essen; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Members’ Ads; 2012 AGPC Convention Update; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Event—“Night at the Races”; Essen—Passionate Play; Bagley’s Game Collection; Ellerbe’s “One in a Million Games”; Counter Space: Something Else to Collect: Books on Games, Part II—Proprietary Games; Jigthings Ad


Fall 2011
Vol. 13, No. 3


Cover: Collection of Game Books; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2012 AGPC Convention Update; Celebrating the Life of Dickens in Jigsaw Puzzles, Part II; Counter Space: Something Else to Collect: Books on Games, Part I—Traditional Games; Winner Crossword Challenge—Michael Nabholz; Playing Games in Nepal; Ellerbe’s “To Infinity…and Beyond” Games; Members’ Ads; Saratoga Springs Information


Summer 2011
Vol. 13, No. 2


Cover: Herb Levy, Bradley-Parker Award Winner; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; 2011 AGPC Lancaster Convention—First Timers, (Travis & Emily Miller), Ben Brazil, Herb Levy—Bradley-Parker Award Winner; Celebrating the Life of Dickens in Jigsaw Puzzles, Part I; Counter Space: Are We There Yet?; Why We Didn’t Attend Convention—Whitehills; Ellerbe’s “The Envelope Please”; Crossword Challenge; 2012 AGPC Saratoga Springs Convention Information; Members’ Ads; General Member Meeting Minutes

AGPC Q 13.1

Spring 2011

Vol. 13, No. 1


Cover: 2011 AGPC Lancaster Convention Scrabble Tiles; President’s Message; 2011 AGPC Convention Update; Josephine Flood’s Picture Puzzle Mart; Essen 2010; Counter Space: Peter Coddles in Museumland, Part II: The Odyssey; All-Star Baseball; National Pastime Crossword Puzzle; Ellerbe’s “Alone” Games; Book & Film Review: Under the Boardwalk, Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, Big Book of Games; National Puzzle Day

AGPC Q 12.4

Winter 2010

Vol. 12, No. 4


Cover: Paul Fink’s Transportation Game Collection; President’s Message; 2011 AGPC Convention Update; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Event; Paul Fink’s Transportation Games-Finding a Buyer for your Collection; First Frame Tray Puzzle; Counter Space: Peter Coddles in Museumland, Part I: The Iliad; Mah Jongg NYC Exhibit; Ellerbe’s “Essen” Games; Donating to the AGPC

AGPC Q 12.3

Fall 2010

Volume 12, No. 3


Cover: 10th Puzzle Parley; President’s Message; 2011 AGPC Convention Update; 10th Puzzle Parley; 100 Puzzles Project; Ellerbe’s “Political” Games; Preserving a Puzzle Collection for Future Generations; Upcoming (Carrom board) Auction; Counter Space: On the Kinds of Games There Seem to Be; A Classification of Board Games—Part Two; Quick Clicks

AGPC Q 12.2

Summer 2010
Volume 12, No. 2


Cover:  Exploring the Ruins of the Maya; President’s Message; 2010 AGPC Convention Cruise; Spilsbury Award—Tom Tyler; Ellerbe’s Wild, Wild, West Games; Counter Space: Performance Games; General Member Meeting Minutes; Classification of Games—Part One; National Puzzle Day; Quick Clicks; Famed Jigsaw Puzzle Auction


Spring 2010
Vol. 12, No. 1


Cover: Traveling to the end of the earth: Antarctica; President’s Message; Lynn Pressman, 1912-2009; 2010 AGPC Convention Info; Saunders’ Counter Space: Positional Games; Ellerbe’s Travel Games and Game Contest; Old Games in TV Commercials


Winter 2009
Vol. 11, No. 4


Cover: 2010 AGPC Convention Cruise; President’s Message; Bill Trent’s Big Book of Games Released; 2010 Convention Info; Saunders’ Counter Space: A Very Fine Line, Part 3; Allentown Toy Show; Mid-Atlantic Regional: Sports Night and Show & Tell; Essen Toy Fair; John Ellerbe’s Murder Most Foul” List of Games; Quick Clicks News; Donating to the AGPC; The Paul Fink Collection of Transportation Games;


Fall 2009
Vol. 11, No. 3


Cover: People Play Games Around the World; President’s Message; Letter from Sy Epstein on Bulls and Bears; Monopolization of Monopoly, Bulls & Bears; Letter from Henry Dearborn on Sports Games; 2010 AGPC Convention Info; Saunders’ Counter Space: A Very Fine Line, Part 2; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meets to Plan Activities; Le Musée Suisse du Jeu; Jigsaw Greetings; Playing Games in Barcelona; John Ellerbe’s The Holy Grails of Modern Games; Paul Fink Uncovers the Game of Bank; Books, Art, & New Releases


Summer 2009
Vol. 11, No. 2


Cover: AGPC Rocks Rhode Island!; President’s Message; President’s Award; Member Year Change; In Memoriam: Jackie Siegel; 2010 Convention Info; 25th Anniversary… a brief look back; Reflections of a First Time Convention Attendee by Laura Seese; 2009 Pre-convention Activities; The Puzzle Game Challenge; Trivial Pursuit, the First 20 Years; Show & Tell; New Cutting Style; Kagen Schaefer, 2009 Sam Loyd Award Winner; Saturday Workshops; Can You Beat Helen Andrews?; Special Guest Speaker, Alan Hassenfeld; Saunders’ Counter Space: A Very Fine Line, Part 1; Coit Morrison’s Quest for Rook Cards; Nuremberg Toy Fair; John Ellerbe’s List: Be a Sport; 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes


Spring 2009

Vol. 11, No. 1


Cover: Providence Bound!; President’s Message; In Memoriam-Dottie Anderson;
2009 AGPC Convention Agenda; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase (Part III); The Devil is in the Dice; Mid-Atlantic Chapter News; Early Photographic Jigsaws Continue to Puzzle Us Today;
Saunders’ Counter Space: On the Origin of Species; 2010 AGPC Convention-Caribbean Cruise; Quick Clicks


Winter 2008

Volume 10, No. 4


Cover:  Parley Perfect!, Home Games (Baseball); President’s Message; AGPC Donations;
2009 AGPC Convention Agenda; Home Games—A Century of Baseball Games;
9th Puzzle Parley; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase (Part II); Mid-Atlantic Chapter: Halloween Party; Saunders’ Counter Space: Just Between You and Me; 2010 AGPC Convention-Caribbean Cruise; The Beauty of Games: The 3 Bs; Toy and Game Inventors Awards; Quick Clicks


Fall 2008
Volume 10, No. 3


Cover:  The Travellers Tour Through the United States, All Fair Games Return Home; President’s Message; In Memoriam-Ralph Kovel, Steve Olin, Val Cooper;
2009 AGPC Convention Agenda; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase (Part I); Ralph Kovel (1920-2008); Steve Olin (1940-2008); New Italian Goose-Game Website; Playing A Round (Royal Reversi); Saunders’ Counter Space: The Travellers Tour Through the United States; All’s Fair with All Fair; A-Z Designer Games, A-Z Super Playable and Super Affordable Games;
Book Review: From Hoofbeats to Dogsteps; Quick Clicks


Summer 2008

Volume 10, No. 2


Cover:  Cheers for Charleston!; President’s Message; First time convention attendee-Palmetto Games; 2008 AGPC Convention & Pre-Convention Report; Bradley-Parker Award—Whitehill; A Showcase of Puzzles; Playing A Round (Reversi); Puzzles, Passion, Party; Tiddlywinks—A Royal Match; President’s Award: Coit Morrison; Saunders’ Counter Space: An Insider Looks at Milton Bradley (Part II); Point CounterPoint; General Member Meeting Minutes; Top Playable Card Games, Top 50 Gateway Games; Quick Clicks


Spring 2008
Vol. 10, No. 1


Cover:  See Ya’ll in Charleston; President’s Message; Strong Museum Acquires World-Class Collections; Memoriam-Keith Lambeth; 2008 AGPC Convention Agenda; Tony’s the Name; AGPC Sudoku Contest Results; The Rook Card Company; Mid-Atlantic Chapter News;
Book Review: The Tao of Tangram (Slocum), Hoofbeats to Dogsteps (Elliott), Spiele der Menschheit, Jeux de L’Humanite; Saunders’ Counter Space: An Insider Looks at Mllton Bradley (Part I); Counterpoint—Women’s Games; Best A-Z Abstract Strategy Game List; Playing A Round (Congo game); A Game of Surprise Sentences; History of Bagatelle to Pinball; Puzzling With Your Lapdog; Rare Darrow Monopoly Auction; French Group Announces National Center of Games; Quick Clicks



Winter 2007
Vol. 9, No. 4


Cover: AGPC Sudoku Challenge; BGG.CON, Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase; President’s Message; AGPC Sudoku puzzle contest; The Christmas Goose; Piece By Piece-Santa jigsaw puzzles; 8th Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional; Saunders’ Counter Space—Those Games Women Like to Play III; BoardGameGeek Convention; In Pursuit of Trivia; Puzzle Cutters’ Showcase;
NPR word challenge; Quick Clicks



Fall 2007
Vol. 9, No. 3


Cover: Robert Lewin, 1911-2007; President’s Message; In Memoriam-Robert Lewin, Betsy Stuart, Herbert Whitehill; Springbok’s Robert & Katie Lewin; Remembering Springbok; Big Game Deal Done; Memories of Betsy Stuart; Games Using Puzzle Mechanics; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Those Games Women Like to Play (Part II); Mid-Atlantic Chapter News; AGPC Donation to Strong Museum; Quick Clicks

Game & Puzzle Collectors Quarterly (ISSN 1529-4706)
Edited from Spring 2000 to Summer 2007 by Wayne Wolf

Order #



Description of Contents


June 2007
Vol. 8, No. 2


Cover:  2007 Spilsbury Award: Anne Williams; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; AGPC General Membership Meeting Minutes; Ringgz: A Shared Space Game; The Long Way to Convention; Saunders’ Counter Space: Those Games That Women Like to Play (Part I);
Anne Williams—2007 Spilsbury Award; 2007 AGPC Convention Photos; 2007 Puzzle Parley Meeting Review; First Convention (Coppock-Bland); Report on Board Games Breakout; News: Curator Position Open-Lilly Library


March 2007
Vol. 8, No. 1


Cover: 2007 AGPC Convention (San Francisco); President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Collecting Then and Now: From Stamps to Puzzles; Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 4, The Rules; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Presentation (Petrick); News: Sackson Materials Reunited at Strong Museum; Need Help with a Jigsaw? Go Online;
2007 AGPC Convention Agenda


December 2006
Vol. 7, No. 4


Cover:  Stamps to Puzzles; President’s Message; Collecting Then and Now: From Stamps
to Puzzles; Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 3, Pieces and Accessories; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; News; Esslingen Exhibition;
2007 Puzzle Parley Agenda; Book Review: Monopoly: The World’s Most Famous Game & How it Got That Way; 2007 AGPC Convention Agenda


September 2006
Vol. 7, No. 3


Cover:  AGPC logo (new); President’s Message; The 15 Puzzle; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 2, The Board; Jigsaw Puzzle Story; News: Strong Museum Acquires Olin Collection; Puzzling Collection Goes to Lilly; News; Castle Croquet Tourney 2006, Puzzle Parley; 2007 AGPC Convention Agenda


June 2006
Vol. 7, No. 2


Cover: Sam Loyd Award: Jerry Slocum; Black Gold in Board Games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; AGPC General Membership Meeting Minutes;
Saunders’ Counter Space: On Speaking Only When Spoken To: Part 1, The Box;
Arteno Jigsaw Puzzles: What Makes Them So Special; The Irwin Toy Company;
Post Convention Report (Cambridge); “Arteno” Puzzle Makers—A Brief History;
Jerry Slocum 2006 Sam Loyd Award; First Time Convention Attendee (Morrison);
Celebrating Board Games; News: Finding Game Instructions; AGPC Google Groups; President’s Award Winner (Dearborn)


March 2006
Vol. 7, No. 1


Cover:  AGPC logo; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; But Wait! There’s More!; Saunders’ Counter Space: Table Games, To Be Precise; Touring the Toy Fair; The “Original” Game of Oil?; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; News: 2006 AGPC Convention Agenda


December 2005
Vol. 6, No. 4


Cover:  Black Gold in Board Games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: Why are Checkerboards Red and Black?; Oil! The Rush for Black Gold in Board Games; History of Strat-O-Matic; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; News: Millions Prepare to Celebrate National Games Week 2005; Candy Land, Jack-in-the-Box National Toy Hall of Fame Inductees; Knucklebones


September 2005
Vol. 6, No. 3


Cover:  Children on Board: Images from Candy Lands; Editor’s Message; Snare Mike;
Saunders’ Counter Space: Close Counters of the Third Kind; The Game of Goose-Images of America;
President’s Award info; Children on Board: Images from Candy Lands; 7th Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Info; News: National Games Week 2005; 2005 Castle Croquet Tournament; 1935 German Jigsaw Patent


June 2005
Vol. 6, No. 2


Cover: Spear & Watson–2005 Bradley-Parker Award Winners; President’s Message; Annual General Meeting notes; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: Above Board; Jump Street Arts Program donations; A Transatlantic Crossing: The 1930s Puzzle Craze and the Einson-Freeman/Waddington Connection; First Time Convention 2005; Eternity in Plexiglas–puzzles; 2005 Convention photos–London and in the countryside of England; President’s Award info; Puzzles in Australia; Dentist Designed Devilish Diecuts; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Game Night; News; 2005 Castle Croquet Tournament


March 2005
Vol. 6, No. 1


Cover:  Tax Season in Board Games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; A Puzzle
for Pagey–Pagey Elliott; Tuck’s “Labrador Zag-Zaws”; Saunders’ Counter Space: Whether Games; Playtime in New England; 2006 AGPC Convention; Mid-Atlantic Chapter report; News;
2005 AGPC Convention agenda


December 2004


Vol. 5, No. 4


Cover: Presentation to Pagey Elliott at Concord Puzzle Parley; President’s Message re London 2005 convention; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 4 (final); Book Review: Anne Williams’ The Jigsaw Puzzle: Piecing Together a History; Dutton, Nister, Ströfer Connection (books and puzzles); Puzlet Gems: Carrie Charley-Franzwa; 6th Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Gathering, Reading PA (Nov 2004); AGPC Puzzle Parley, Concord MA (Sep 2004) (Armstrong); Biennial Puzzle Parley Meet (from new member Suzanne Orr); Jigsaw Puzzle Parley (Curtises); Jigsaw Puzzles in Germany; News; Member Advertisements; Obituary: Linda Hannas; New Members; Convention 2005 in London


September 2004
Vol. 5, No. 3


Cover: Puzlet Gems; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 3; A Puzzling Experience–2004 Convention first time goer; Are Collecting Games & Puzzles Good for You?; World Boardgaming Championships Inaugural Game Auction; News; Musée Suisse du Jeu exhibit of American games; Obituary: Nob Yoshigahara; Mid-Atlantic Chapter gathering and report; 2005 London Convention


June 2004
Vol. 5, No. 2


Cover: Bob & Katie Lewin–2004 Spilsbury Award; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; 2004 annual general meeting; Exploring the Moon and Solar System Through Games;
Aunt Louisa Unmasked; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 2; 2004 Convention
photos–Philadelphia, PA; Mid-Atlantic Chapter Activities; 20 Years of Convention;
2004 Castle Croquet Tournament in Vermont; Words of Thanks for 2004 Convention contributions; Thoughts on My First Convention; News; 2005 Bradley-Parker Award; Obituary: Alex Randolph–A Tribute; Collector’s Guide to Cluster Puzzles; New Members; 2004 Jigsaw Puzzle meeting–Concord, MA


March 2004
Vol. 5, No. 1


Cover: Aunt Louisa games; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Nostalgia—the game Ration Board; Saunders’ Counter Space: American Dreams, Part 1; Carlton R. Irick, Puzzle Cutter from the Early 1900s; Washington Doll’s House and Toy Museum Enters its 30th and Final Year; Mid-Atlantic Regional Activities; Regional Meeting–Overton, England; AGPC UK Regional Brings Out a Distinguished Who’s Who in Games & Puzzles; Springbok and Lewins Gain International Recognition; 2005 Bradley-Parker Award; Sid Sackson Materials in the AGPC Archives; Wayne Saunders Lectures at San Diego Museum of Man; Castle Croquet;
2004 Convention–Philadelphia, PA; Jigsaw Puzzle meeting–Concord MA; Game Inventors Challenge at Convention 2004


December 2003


Vol. 4, No. 4


Cover: Picture blocks pre-1900; President's Message; Editor’s Message; “Not Available In Stores!” or Instructional Board Games For the Classroom or the Corporation; The Picture Blocks Treasure; A Set of Squares Scores a String of Firsts; Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic Section Meeting-A Halloween Gathering; Book Review: Games & Puzzles, the Collector’s Guide to Indoor Games from the 1700s to the Present Day; Crossword Puzzle; Saunders’ Counter Space—poem; Book Review: The Game Makers—The Story of Parker Brothers from Tiddledy Winks to Trivial Pursuit; Jigsaw Puzzle meeting—Concord, MA; First regional meeting in England; National Toy Hall of Fame Names Newest Inductees; 2004 Convention–
Philadelphia, PA


September 2003

Vol. 4, No. 3


President’s Message; Selchow and Righter: Scrabble Years; Cluster Puzzles; A.Z. Plerp; Painting, Puzzles, Art Study; Not Spilsbury, Not Finch; Jerry Slocum’s New Books; Antique Toy Museum; Crossword Puzzle; Saunders’ Counter Space; JIGSAW Homecraft Projects; News; New Members; Convention 2004; Mid-Atlantic Section Report; Minutes of 2003 Annual Meeting; Chaos and Order; Austrian Game of Games Awards; Mid-Atlantic Halloween Gathering


June 2003 (Summer)
Vol. 4, No. 2


Cover:  Convention 2003; President’s Message; Letters to the Editor (Puzzles vs. Games, Open house Network, Austrian Games Museum); Book Review:  A Compendium of Cube-Assembly Puzzles using Polycube Shapes; New Books Received; Sid Sackson Auction Round 2:  More Reactions; Book Review:  Antoine Bello’s The Missing Piece (novel); Selchow & Righter: New Players (continued); By the Numbers:  Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles on eBay; Book Review:  The Games We Played (Liman collection); 2003 First Convention!; Convention 2004; Crossword  puzzle:  Golf; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Only Children (part 2); Big Game Hunter Named to Games Hall of Fame Panel; Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention announcement; Report on Mid-Atlantic Section Activities; Castle Croquet Tournament in Vermont; Long-range Convention Planning; Monopoly Memories Booklet; Photos from Convention 2003


March 2003 (Spring)
Vol. 4, No. 1


Cover:  Peter Coddle games; President’s Message; Letter to the Editor (Fresno Metropolitan Museum); Whatever do Children’s Books and Jigsaw Puzzles have in common?; Madmar:  The Quality Company; Selchow & Righter:  Opening Moves; The Parker Page:  Peter Coddle games; Our Hillsville Experience; The Parker Page: answers to quiz from previous issue; Crossword puzzle:  Choochoo; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Only Children (part 2); Bob Armstrong to appear on PBS National TV; Paul Fink’s Seven Minutes of Fame; All in the Game;
Mid-Atlantic Region Report; Convention 2003 announcement


December 2002
Vol. 3, No. 4


Cover:  Sid Sackson 1920-2002; President’s Message; Rebus solution; Making Par:  Puzzles for Rich and Famous; The Parker Page: naming implements; Crossword puzzle: War;
Saunders’ Counter Space:  Musings on the Collection as Art; Sid Sackson game auction:  Round 1; Initial Reactions Sid Sackson:  American Game Inventor and Historian; Saginaw Art Museum planned exhibit; Lee Dennis:  Pioneer Game Collector 1922-2002; All in the Game; AGPC Regional Meeting on Jigsaw Puzzles; Fourth Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention;
Long-Range Convention Planning; Convention 2003 notice


September 2002

Vol. 3, No. 3


President’s Message; The Parker Page: Political Games; Personality, Metamorphic Puzzles: Changeable Charlie; Crossword Puzzle; Jigsaw Puzzle-Special Cutting Techniques—Conclusion; Saunders’ Counter Space; News; Cornwall Inn Getaway; Event Calendar;
Regional Event:  Shillington PA


June 2002 (Summer)
Vol. 3, No. 2


Cover:  Convention 2002 in Bethesda, Maryland; President’s Message; Associate Editors
for the Quarterly; The Parker Page:  Things Found on eBay; Political Games:  Event/Attitude; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Selchow & Righter (part III); Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:  Puzzles in Films; 2002 Convention Report; First Time Convention Attendee; Mid-Atlantic Regional Award:
Flora Gill Jacobs; Jigsaw Puzzle: Special Cutting Techniques; Crossword Puzzle:  Traveling; Hasbro’s Evolutionary Tree; All in the Game; Event Calendar; Long Range Convention Planning; Regional Meeting:  Jigsaw Puzzle Parley; Convention 2002 Program & Attendees


March 2002 (Spring)
Vol. 3, No. 1


Cover:  Puzzle cut by Conrad Armstrong; President’s Message; AGPC Library; The Parker Page: Who Wants to Be Rich Without Winning Money?; Political Games:  Government Games; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Selchow & Righter (part II); Ominoes; Crossword:  Where Games Are; Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:  Personalized du Pont Gifts; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles
(part 5); Earliest Use of Special Techniques for Making Adult Jigsaw Puzzles; J.R.R. Tolkien:  The Return of the Board Games; All in the Game; The American Dream—for a puzzle person!; Running the Gauntlet; AGPC Speakers Bureau; New York Historical Society Exhibit:  The Games We Played (Liman Collection); Convention 2002 Program; Mid-Atlantic Region Event; Event Calendar


December 2001
Vol. 2, No. 4


Cover:  AGPC exhibit at Atlantique City; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Highlights of AGPC Exhibit at Atlantique City (October 2001); Parker Page: Who Wants to Be Rich Without Winning Money?; Political Games:  Election Process; Lord of the Rings Games:  Playing in the World of Fantasy; Stewart Coffin:  Familiarity Breeds Contempt; Austrian Game Collectors:  Dagmar and Ferdinand de Cassan; Crossword:  History; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 4); Saunders’ Counter Space:  Selchow & Righter (part I); Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention; Notes from Inside a Collection:  Kaplan Collection; Bruce’s News;
Convention 2002 Announcement


September 2001
Vol. 2, No. 3


Cover:  World’s Largest Game Board; President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Editorials—Parker Page:  Advertising Items, Political Games:  An Overview, Psychology of Geometrical Puzzles, Antique Cribbage Board Event; Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:  Tales of the Underside; Maine Regional Meeting; Crossword:  Monopoly; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 3);
Saunders’ Counter Space:  Apologia; 2002 Convention Plans; The Monopoly Nobody Doesn’t Like; Halma Origins; Austrian Games Award; Bruce’s News:  Wagner Wins Castle Croquet Title; Board Games Studies/3 Available; 2001 Mid-Atlantic Regional Event;
Mark Geis Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit


June 2001
Vol. 2, No. 2


President’s Message; Editor’s column; Jigsaw puzzle sculpture at Hallmark; The Parker Page; Sam Loyd Award address by Stewart Coffin (part 3); Cross-Capture Mancala; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 2); Convention 2001 in Kansas City; First Time Convention Attendee; Saunders’ Counter Space:  The Flinch Connection; Mark Geis jigsaw puzzle exhibit; Convention find of early Steve Richardson puzzle; Game show games; Crossword Puzzle:  Play It Again; Regional Events:  Lewiston ME & Shillington PA.


March 2001

Vol. 2, No. 1


President’s Message; Editor’s column; Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and Repair Tips:  Reviving Motors and Record Players; Featured Member-Steve Richardson and Stave Puzzles; Introducing Mechanical Puzzles (part 1); Sam Loyd Award address by Stewart Coffin (part 2); Mid-Atlantic Region Report; Saunders’ Counter Space:  The Final Accessory; Trivia Question; Simple Capture Mancala; Crossword Puzzle:  It’s in the Cards


December 2000
Vol. 1, No. 4


President’s Message; Editor’s Message; Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and Repair Tips:  Removing Tape and Stickers & Cleaning Boxes; Sam Loyd Award address
by Stewart Coffin (part 1); Convention 2000 Banquet Speaker Ron Weingartner of Milton Bradley/Hasbro (part 3); Featured Company-Binary Arts; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Somewhere Out There is a Game with My Name on It; International Puzzle Party; AGPC Jigsaw Puzzle Meeting at Katonah, NY; Mid-Atlantic Regional at Shillington; The Fall River Line, Featured Company-Nathan Reinherz and Corey Games; Northeast Document Conservation Center; Featured Company/Featured Member-J. C. Ayer’s jigsaw puzzles;
In the News, No It’s Not Chinese Checkers; Impact of eBay


September 2000
Vol. 1, No. 3


President’s Message; Editor’s column; Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and
Repair Tips:  Reproducing Cardboard Game Parts; Wentworth Jigsaw Puzzle Company; Saunders’ Counter Space:  Where No Disguise is Necessary; 1760s Jigsaw Puzzle Maps of Lady Charlotte Finch; Convention 2000 Banquet Speaker Ron Weingartner of Milton Bradley/Hasbro (part 2); Katonah Exhibition: The Art of the Puzzle; Mid-Atlantic Chapter at Washington Dolls House and Toy Museum, Book Review-reviews of books on American games, Mr. Monopoly; “Cootie, Candyland, or Chutes and Ladders”; Michael Johnson’s Going… Going… Still Going; Reference Books on Games


June 2000
Vol. 1, No. 2


Editorials—The Parker Page, Restoration and Repair Tips:  Box Corners and Aprons;

Saunders’ Counter Space:  Book Review-Oxford History of Board Games; Discovery of First Jigsaw Puzzle Maps;  New Features for AGPC Web Page; Memories of Convention 2000 in Newport RI; Stewart Coffin Receives First Sam Loyd Award; Convention 2000 Newport Beach: Impressions of a First Time Attendee; Convention 2000 Banquet Speaker Ron Weingartner of Milton Bradley/Hasbro (part 1); Puzzle Exhibit in Katonah NY (Fall 2000); Hall of Honor Closes
its Doors;  In the News, Monopoly Myth:  And the Myth Goes On


March 2000
Vol. 1, No. 1


Editorials—The Parker Page, Electric Game Story, Games & Puzzles in London;
Saunders’ Counter Space:  Book Review-Oxford History of Board Games (continued); Mid-Atlantic Region Report; Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists; Book Review-World Sorrow and Children’s Delight, Toys for the Dutch Market, 1860-1960; Game: Shut the Box; The Word is Scrabble; Nashville TN Convention Memories

Game Times (ISSN 1050-6594)

Order #



Description of Contents


Aug 1999


My Trip to the World of International Games, Featured Member-Bill Trent;
Saunders’ Counter Space: Where No Disguise is Necessary (Book Review-The Oxford History of Board Games), Games in Transition: Board Gaming’s Contributions to Electronic Games, What’s In A Game? (Classification and Categorization, Setting up the Database),
Out of the Box Publishing: Mark Osterhaus,


Nov 1998


Featured Company-Jackson Dott and Avalon Hill; R. C. Bell; New Directions for AGCA; Sold! The Antique Dealer Game; Saunders’ Counter Space: Provenance of Colors in American Games; What’s in a Game?; Convention ‘98, Baltimore; Regional Puzzle Convention in New York City; Book Review-History of J. W. Spear & Sons; Board Games in Academia Colloquium


Jun 1998


“I Love Jigsaw Puzzles”; Game-Related Quotes; Abbot Award Winner Bill Ritchie;
On-Line eBay; Saunders’ Counter Space: Games Party; Book Review-Games We Play, History of J.W. Spear & Sons; Book Review-British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century;
Slocum Puzzle Foundation.


Dec 1997


Featured Member-Sid Sackson; Convention; Book Review-Collector’s Guide to Toys, Games, & Puzzles; Game Review-Lionheart, by Parker Brothers.



Jun 1997


Featured Company-Einson-Freeman; Einson-Freeman: Depression “House of Fads”;

Puzzles made by Einson-Freeman; For Keeps, (IV); Toy Fair, Convention, & Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Reports


Dec 1996


Slovenly Peter: Setting the Record Straight, For Keeps (III).



Sep 1996


Swiss Museum of Games; For Keeps (II); Games in the News; Fantastic Finds; Game Review-Stealth; Parker Games and Logos. [NOTE:  On the cover this issue is incorrectly numbered 31.]


Apr 1996


Convention Preview; Regional Meeting Report; Falls Puzzles; Games in the News;
For Keeps (I)  [Note:  On the cover this issue is mislabeled April 1995.]


Dec 1995


1996 Convention; Douglas Bolton Receives Abbot Award; Antique Cards and Games from
the Stuart and Marilyn Kaplan Collection on View at the Bruce Museum; Crossword Puzzle;
The SPIELE museum and a Visit to Rudolstadt; Quiz


Aug 1995


Featured Member–Helen Andrews; Featured Company–Cadaco-Ellis; Abbot Award to Douglas Bolton; AGCA Mailing List on Inter­net; Book Review–Baby Boomer Games; Baseball Games; Paper Soldiers; Caroms & Crokinole Primer; The West Plays Pachisi (IV)
[Note: On the cover this issue is labeled Issue #2]


Apr 1995


Monopoly Exhibit; Games at 1995 Toy Fair; Book Review–B­oard & Table Games from Many Civilizations; Toys Go To War; The Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles; Isabel Ayer’s Picture Puzzle Exchange; The West Plays Pachisi (III); Games in the News; Quiz II


Dec 1994


1995 Convention; Bettye-B Founder Whiteman Gets Abbot Award; Exhibit in Corning, NY; Essen Game Collectors Meeting; Waterloo’s Museum & Archive of Games;
George Parker’s Chauffeur Reminisces; AGCA’s New Re­gional Governors;
Games in the News; Book Review–7 new books; The West Takes Pachisi (II); Quiz


Aug 1994


Featured Company–All-Fair/Fairchild; Featured Member–Stuart Kaplan; 1993 Treasurer’s Report; Quilt­ing Games; Book Review–Nellie Bly; Ohio Regional Meeting report;
Liverpool, NY Game Exhibit;  The West Looks at Pac­hisi; Games in the News; Auction Action; Convention Update


Apr 1994


Featured Member–Debby Leo; Regional Meetings; Shelburne exhibit; Magic: The Gathering;
Games at 1994 Toy Fair; Collecting and Recollecting; Auction Action; Games in the News;
Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex


Dec 1993


Featured Member–Alex Malloy; Convention News; Scrabble Jitters;
Harriet Eagleson’s Jigsaw Puzzles; Camelot and Nostalgia;
Forbes Buys Early Monopoly Boards; Monopoly Money in WWII



Aug 1993


Featured Member–Bert Cohen; Convention Info; Pollyanna; To Russia with Puzzles; Fin­ance Revisited; Family Resemblances–Games and Puzzles; Falls Puzzles; Auction Action


Apr 1993


1992 Treasurer’s Report; All-Fair Donkey Tale; Spiral Track Games; 1993 Toy Fair Report; Puttering Around the Game Room; Monopoly Variants and Values; Games in the News;
Auction Action; Slovenly Peter


Dec 1992


Convention Reports; Mme. Monopolina; Katonah Regional Meeting; Scrabble Story;
Ages of American Games; Game Exhibits in New York, Scars­dale, Corning;
Wash­ington Doll’s House & Toy Museum; Game/Book connections;
Santa Takes Manhattan (NY Toy Fair); Mylar/Velcro for game displays;
Book Review–Games by Whitehill; Book Review–Greatest Games of All Time;
Las Vegas GAMA (II); Bottoms Up!


Aug 1992


Featured Member–Paul Fink; Mme. Mono­polina; 1991 Treasurer’s Report; Who’s Who in 19th Century Game Design; Katonah Game Exhibit; Pease Revisited; Fish... to Games... to Gardening; Book Review–7 books briefly noted; Siege; auction results; Peter Coddles in Las Vegas, the GAMA Conference (I)


Apr 1992


Featured Company–R. H. Pease; Featured Member–Bill Alexander; Lockwood update; More on Hoarding & Barter; Who Invented Authors, Anagrams? Depression Jigsaw Mania–the Webster School; Book Review–Toy Values Monthly; Book Review–Collectors Guide to Toys, Games & Puzzles; Mail Game Hunting Update; Easy Money; Siegel auction.


Dec 1991


Featured Member–Jerry Slocum; Convention report; Tavern Gambols; California Card Games; Abbot/Ives update; Liman Exhibit; Art by Harry McChesney; Book Review–Spin Again; Book Review–Warman’s Antique American Games, 2nd ed.; Collectible New Games; All-Star Baseball


Aug 1991


Featured Company–F. & R. Lockwood; Featured Member–Rick Russack; Regional Meeting Reports; The First American Board Game; American Antiquarian Society; Mansions of Happiness



Mar 1991


Featured Company–Josiah Adams; Featured Member–Erika Wilson; Inventor’s Role in Game Industry; Mon­opoly story; Lydia Child; Convention Report; Book Review–Jigsaw Puzzles; Book Review–Inside Santa’s Workshop; Book Review–World of Games; Baseball Beginnings


Jun 1990


Featured Company–Warren Paper Products; Featured Member–Anne Williams; Game Collectors’ Terminology (II); Book Review–Treasures of Childhood; Aussie Monopoly; Monopoly in Soviet Union



Feb 1990


Featured Company–Saalfield Publishing; Featured Member–John Overall; Milton Bradley Factory Tour;  Game Collectors Terminology (I)


Sep 1989


Featured Company–Clark & Sowden; Featured Member–Ellen Liman; Mail Game Hunting Update; When Everything Old
is New Again; Uncle Wiggily; Collector or Player; Oregon State University Game Exhibit


Aug 1988


Featured Company–W. & S.B. Ives; Featured Member–Joe Angiolillo; Rook Card Co; Conservation of Wood, Leather, Textiles; Puzzle or Game or Both? Suit Yourself: Custom-made Suit Signs for 52 Cards



Apr 1988


Featured Company–Worcester, Mass. Companies (West & Lee, Snow Bros, etc.)  Featured Member–Mildred & John Spear; Tops; Game Conservation (II); Book Review–Game Inventor’s Handbook; Convention Talk; Crokinole; Maine Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit; Irwin Co.



Fall/Winter 1987


Featured Company–Fireside & Cincinnati Game Companies; Featured Member–David Greenwald [Galt]; Game Conservation; Mail Game Hunting; Architectural Construction Toys; Card Game Comparisons; Tours of Parker Brothers, Essex Institute


Summer 1987


Featured Company–Transogram; Featured Member–the Boyds; Authors;
Game Hunting in Britain; Games in Australia; Game Collectors’ Glossary; American Squails; Parker Brothers’ Puzzles



Spring 1987


Featured Company–Parker Brothers (II); Featured Member–Debby & Marty Krim; Table Tennis



Fall/Winter 1986


Featured Company–Parker Brothers (I); Featured Member–Herb Siegel; Strategy Games; Game Pieces



Spring/Summer 1986


Featured Company–Milton Bradley; Featured Member–Bruce Whitehill; Baseball & Football Games; War games; History of US Toy Industry



Fall/Winter 1985


Convention news & ads



Summer 1985


Featured Company–McLoughlin Brothers; Featured Member–Lee Dennis; Wolverine Toy Co; The Game Preserve; Jigsaw Puzzle History


Spring 1985
(official reprint)


Featured Company–Selchow & Righter; Featured Member–John Mautner; Game Values; Games People Played and Still Do!

Game Researchers’ Notes (ISSN 1050-6608)

Issues 4-12 include addenda to the Game Catalog or Archives holdings, as well as the articles listed.

Order #



Description of Contents


Oct-Dec 1999


This is the End!; Hand-made Card Games; Chanukah in Jerusalem; Games Timeline of
the 20th Century; E. I. Horsman Elected to AGCA Hall of Honor;  Fond Farewell;
Skiing Game from Egypt


May-Sep 1999


London’s Bethnal Green Museum, M is for McClurg; Monopoly’s Antecedents: The Scottish Landlord’s Game; Happy New Year 1913 from Milton Bradley; Metrópoli, a Chilean cousin
of Monopoly; McClurg Checkerboard.


Jan-Apr 1999


Jig-Saw Puzzle poem by Edgar Guest; Featured Company-Bernard J. Roemer, Puzzle Entrepreneur; Ancient Oriental Games on View in NYC; Book Review-Master Pieces: The Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles


Jun-Sep 1998


Featured Company-Jigsaw Bits: Phyllis McLellan; Throw-Away Game Information


Feb 1998


Montagu’s Pack of 1793; In Memoriam-Herbert Siegel & Blair T. Whitton;
Excerpts from the KROLL Report


Jun 1997


J. W. Spear & Sons Exhibit; Version Territory; In Memoriam-Arthur Liman


Feb 1997


Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Styles; Pop-UP Books with Games; Heroes & Villains



Oct 1996


Tiddlywinks; LASCA by Dr. Emmanuel Lasker; Perplexity Puzzles; Games in the News;
Book Review-The Puzzle Arcade; The Toy and Game Inventor’s Guide; Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles; Complete Internet Gamer; Games from Long Ago.


Jun 1996


Featured Company-Pressman; Pastime Puzzle Production Dates; Palmer Cox Brownies on Games; World of Play Exhibit in Ontario


Feb 1996


Lilly Library’s Games and Archives; Toy/Game Makers in Jeannette, Penn.;
Games on the World Wide Web; Exhibit-Cutting a Fine Figure, The Art of the Jigsaw Puzzle.


Oct 1995


Scarne; Searching for the Very First Authors; Play Your Cards


June 1995


Marbles; Games about Mining; Scouting Games; Michigan Regional Meeting


Feb 1995


Comics and Cartoon Board Games; Tuco Puzzles; Early Pin-Ball; Polar Ex­plor­ation
Reflected in Board Games; Strat-O-Matic Game Co.


Nov 1994


Where’s Johnny?  Com­puter-Based Game Catalog; Alta California Book­store Game
Collec­tion (II); Chivalry; Updates on Woolson Spice, Volume Sprayer.



Jun 1994


Book Review–5; Auction catalogs; 19th Century Games in the Alta California Book­store Collection (I); Muddle Puzzles; Leo Hart and Playtime House; Convention and Regional Meeting Info.


Feb 1994


Convention Report; Wool­son Spice Co. Games


Oct 1993


Featured Company–Electric Game Company & Jim Prentice; More on Touring; Origins of Cootie; More on Military Games; Early Ver­sion of Gavitt’s Stock Exchange; Game Playing
& Uncertainty


Jun 1993


Indiana Univ. Game Exhibit; Angell’s The Money Game; McLough­lin’s McAll­ister and His 150; Touring history and variations; Paper Soldiers; Hollywood Goes to Pieces (jigsaw puzzles);  Jaymar’s 70th Anniversary



Feb 1993


Essex Institute Collections; Stoll & Einson Update; Oops!–Errors in Game Manufacture & Production; Game Patents (cont.); “Pieces of Time” Jigsaw Puzzle Exhibit; Katonah Museum Game Exhibit; Regional Meeting Report


Aug 1992


Searching for Game Patents; Falls Puzzles; Robinson Crusoe’s Farmyard and
The Wide Wide World; American Dissected Puzzle History (Thomas T. Ash)


Nov 1991


Featured Company–Charles Magnus; Wilkie Picture & Puzzle Co.; Just a Thought (Old Maid);
Block and Quit;  Lindy “Spin-Off”; Book Review–Playing by Different Rules; Carrom Boards


Apr 1991


Featured Company–Missouri Game Companies, Rainshine; Pastime Contest Sets; Hearts;
Pre-Civil War American Game Makers


Dec 1990


Lockwood Discovery; Book Review–Inventor’s Guide to Game Marketing; What is the Big Picture for Game History; W.W. Gavitt; Archives Report–III


Aug 1990


Generic Atlantic City Monopoly; Search for Elizabeth Magie Phillips; Archives Report–II


Feb 1990


Featured Company–Home Game Co.; AGCA Archives Report–I


Dec 1989


Featured Company–O.F. & F.G. Decker; Bradley Game Numbering; H. J. Phillips Connection with Parker Brothers; The Way to Make Money Close Up by Milton Bradley



Feb 1989


Featured Company–A.C. Gilbert, Inventor & Athlete; Book Review–Monopoly Companion;
Book Review–Play Money; Book Review–Crokinole Book



Oct 1988


Featured Company–Wallie Dorr; Touring, etc.; Care of Metal, Ceramics; Detecting Hidden Repairs, Substitution & Fakery



Jun 1988


Featured Company–Volume Sprayer Mfg. Co.; Ivory, Bone, Other Hard Organics,
Man-made Substitutes



Feb 1988


Featured Company–Peter G. Thom­son; Flat Paper Conservation



Oct 1987


Featured Company–Flinch Card Co