AGPI Annual Conventions

Every year, AGPI hosts an Annual Convention for our members with interesting and notable speakers, awards, and fun events, plus plenty of surprises. A splendid time is guaranteed for all! It is always a lot of fun, and it’s also an ideal opportunity to relax and forget about everything else. The annual convention is an intense event that brings our members together to share interests and expertise, buy and sell and trade and auction, show and tell, present awards to leaders in the game and puzzle industry, tour interesting game and puzzle venues, and of course, conduct the official business of our organization in our annual membership and board meetings. If you haven’t yet ventured to attend one of our conventions… it’s about time you did!

And if you aren’t a member yet, be sure to join at the platinum level.  (Silver memberships are for online members only).

The 2017 annual convention will be held in Southbridge, Massachusetts USA.

Previous Conventions

2016 Princeton, New Jersey USA
2015 Bloomington, Indiana USA
2014 Rochester, New York USA
2013 Savannah, Georgia USA
2012 Saratoga Springs, New York USA
2011 Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA
2010 Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico and Belize
2009 Providence, Rhode Island USA
2008 Charleston, South Carolina USA
2007 San Francisco, California USA
2006 Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
2005 London, England UK
2004 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
2003 New Haven, Connecticut USA
2002 Bethesda, Maryland USA
2001 Kansas City, Missouri USA
2000 Newport, Rhode Island USA
1999 Nashville, Tennessee USA
1998 Baltimore, Maryland USA
1997 Hershey, Pennsylvania USA
1996 Kent, Connecticut USA
1995 Bloomington, Indiana USA
1994 Rochester, New York USA
1993 Worcester, Massachusetts USA
1992 Burlington, Vermont USA
1991 Los Angeles, California USA
1990 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania USA
1989 Springfield, Massachusetts USA
1988 Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA
1987 Salem, Massachusetts USA
1986 Mystic, Connecticut USA
1985 Essex, Connecticut USA