AGPC Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was approved by the AGPC Board of Directors in 2003.

(Updated January 2008 to reflect changes in the online AGPC email discussion list)


This AGPC Privacy Policy is established according to the AGPC Charter, paragraph B.3.

AGPC is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and visitors to the website.

AGPC will occasionally update this Privacy Policy. Updates will be posted on the AGPC website and included in the Membership Handbook & Directory.

Collection and Use of AGPC Member Information

AGPC collects personal information about members, such as name, organization, address, telephone number, and email address.  This information is used by AGPC in addressing postal mail to members containing official publications and business of the association.  This information is also used by AGPC in addressing email to members and for contacting members by telephone or other means when performing official business of the association.

This information is included in the Membership Handbook & Directory along with any additional information voluntarily provided by the member regarding associated activities and interests.  The Membership Handbook & Directory states that the information provided is for authorized use only.  All members in good standing are authorized to use information
in the Membership Handbook & Directory solely for personal purposes that comply with the AGPC Code of Ethics and are consistent with the AGPC Charter and Bylaws.

Members may request that they not be listed in the Membership Handbook & Directory.  Members may also request that specific information (such as name or address, or collecting interest) be omitted from the Membership Handbook & Directory.  Any information in the printed Membership Handbook & Directory may be available on the AGPC website, and is provided thereby solely to members who are able to provide correct member user names and passwords.

New members may request to be added to the online AGPC email discussion list by sending an email to AGPC’s Membership Chair as identified in the AGPC Membership Handbook and Directory (

Members may submit requests to the AGPC Board of Directors requesting authorization for using membership contact information when publicizing a nonprofit activity not sponsored by AGPC that is consistent with the AGPC Charter.  The AGPC Board of Directors will review and determine the disposition of such requests.

AGPC does not sell, rent, or lease its membership information to third parties.  AGPC may, upon review and authorization by the Board of Directors, contact members on behalf of external organizations regarding offerings that may be of interest so long as they are consistent with the AGPC Charter.  In those cases, personal information (such as name, address, telephone number, email address) is not transferred to the third party.

AGPC may disclose member information if required to do so by law, such as by warrant or court order, or to protect the rights of AGPC and its property.

Collection and Use of Information on the AGPC Website

AGPC’s website,, is oriented toward general audiences of all ages.

As with many websites, general connection information is automatically collected and logged when a user visits the AGPC website and browses its pages. This information may include the user’s IP address, web browser type and version, domain name, access time, and referring website address.  This information is used by AGPC solely for preparing general statistics regarding access to the website and specific pages, and improving the utility of the AGPC website to members and other visitors.

Be aware that any information you post on AGPC’s public online forums may be available for subsequent access by any Internet user, and may be indexed by search engines that are not controlled by AGPC.

The AGPC website includes links to external websites that are controlled by other organizations and individuals.  AGPC is responsible only for website content provided directly under the domain names of and  AGPC is not responsible for material provided on other websites.

Security of AGPC-Collected Information

AGPC protects the security of information provided and collected.  AGPC maintains such information on computers that operate in a controlled, secure environment.


The AGPC website may use “cookies” to help personalize user access to the website.  A cookie is a file stored on your hard disk when you visit certain web pages, and is used solely to store personalization information between your visits to the AGPC website.  Cookies associated with the AGPC website can only be accessed by the web server hosting the AGPC domain and only when you visit an AGPC web page.

You may opt to accept or decline cookies within your web browser.  Generally, browsers will accept them unless you intervene.  If you choose to decline cookies, some features of the AGPC website may not operate as intended.

Mailing Labels

The AGPC can supply mailing labels to a member for publicizing a non-profit educational game- or puzzle-related activity that is not sponsored by the AGPC.  The member should:

  1. submit a written request specifying how and when the labels are to be used, and guaranteeing that the labels
    will not be used in any other way;
  2. ensure that the request reaches the AGPC President three (3) weeks before the date when the labels are needed; and
  3. pay the AGPC a fee to cover handling and first class postage.  The fee in 2011-2012 is $25.  If costs change in the future, the Treasurer has the right to change the fee, without consulting the Board.

The President can approve all such requests, and transmit them to the person responsible for printing labels.  For any other requests for labels, such as from non-members or for use for profit, the president shall consult the Board.

Third-Party Relationships

AGPC may obtain services from other companies, such as printing and mailing publications and processing transactions. AGPC provides those companies only the information they need to provide the contracted services. These companies are trusted to maintain the confidentiality of AGPC information and are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.

AGPC presently maintains relationships with to provide services relating to the online payment of membership and other fees to AGPC and employs various contract printing services to print the AGPC Quarterly and the Membership Handbook & Directory, prepare mailing labels for official publications, and to submit postal mailings.

Contact Information

AGPC welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Policy.  If you have any questions or comments regarding
the AGPC Privacy Policy, or believe that AGPC has not adhered to this Privacy Policy, please contact AGPC at the following address:

AGPC Privacy
PMB 321
197M Boston Post Road West
Marlborough, MA 01752 USA


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