We Remember Paul Fink

October 20, 1942 – May 24, 2012

Paul Fink has been a very active member of the AGPC since 1988. Even when not a regular feature on the board of directors, he was always advising and helping behind the scenes, full of ideas and enthusiasm. In 1996, he hosted the AGPC convention at Club Getaway, a weekend camp for adults (weekdays for school kids) in Kent, Connecticut. Members got a chance to see Paul’s wonderful collection of transportation games, as well as to swim, boat, climb, dance and partake in the typical activities of camp. We were happy to give up our usually more elaborate hotel accommodations for a couple of nights in a cabin and a few days of camp life. It was one of our best conventions!

As a game dealer, he was the busiest and one of the most respected, and he always set up at toy and collectible shows around the New England area, introducing his love of games to masses of the uninitiated. His booth at major venues like Liberty Park  and the Allentown Toy Show served as meeting places for game and puzzle collectors. As all these shows closed up one by one, Paul went further afield to sell his wares—the joy for him was just in being there. He continued to go to Papermania in Hartford, Brimfield in Massachusetts and Madison Bouchville in upstate New York. All the dealers knew and liked him, furthering the many sales and trades that went on in between shows. Paul was tireless, friendly and ever-smiling, sporting a cap from which a mass of white locks protruded. Although he seemed busy all the time, he enjoyed his leisure and quiet time, too.

Paul Fink was a special person and the lives of many of us will be just a little less special because he is no longer with us. Probably the best way I can describe his attitude to life and conclude this tribute is use his own words from a recent email: “Enjoy life and try not to worry….Think positive and hopefully good things will happen….”

—Bruce Whitehill

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  1 comment for “We Remember Paul Fink

  1. michael "OLDGAMES" Johnson
    25 April 2014 at 2:25 pm

    I was saddened to read of Paul’s passing….I always thought of him as a kindred spirit. A fellow collector with whom I could discuss not only games, but vintage items in general, television, music, food….just about anything. Many were the Sundays I’d look forward to meeting up with Paul at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in Milford, CT. “YO!” was what we’d call out across the field. We’d sit and chat over an egg sandwich and a coffee…..
    Paul was the one person who steered me to join the AGCA (now, AGCP)….My memories of time spent with him are very special. And, now that I’ve learned of his death, they shall occupy a very special place in my mind….I shall smile with each recollection ….
    I’d like to see the AGCP recognize his import to the organization with an annual Paul Fink award…..Perhaps, for the “Most Generous”, whether with time or support, or information sharing……
    Thanks Paul, for so much…………”YO”

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