Bruce Whitehill Receives 2008 AGPC Bradley-Parker Award

Bruce Whitehill is AGPC’s 2008 recipient of the Bradley-Parker Award (for games).  He is the founder of the Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors.  His contribution to the field of games extends well beyond his founding of the AGPC.

Bruce has invented (and continues to invent) games for companies such as Milton Bradley, Talicor, Pressman, and Eggert Speil.  He is the author of the book American Board Games and Their Makers: 1822-1992, which has been touted as the most authoritative work on the history of American game companies.  He has also authored Americanopoly:  As Seen Through Its Games.

Bruce has brought games to the attention of the public through various forms of media, including radio, televeision, and the Internet, as well as in newspapers, magazines, books, and even in an encyclopedia.  He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and in a college textbook on marketing.

Bruce and his wife Sybille currently live in Germany.



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